SonoScape ESGE 2018

ESGE 2018

As doctors from across Europe and Northern Africa attended ESGE 2018 to share their experiences and to see new developments and methods for endoscopy procedures, SonoScape attended to provide these doctors the endoscopic solutions they need. As the producer of endoscopy systems we are the final step in the education process, we provide the tools and technologies to complete the techniques and methods demonstrated at such educational events such as ESGE.

In an effort to promote the importance of endoscopy and to encourage better endoscopic practice in the world, ESGE was first created in 1964 by a group of enthusiastic endoscopists. Since then they have been pushing other endoscopists in Europe and Northern Africa to share their experiences, knowledge and methods while at the same time pushing guidelines and international cooperation between endoscopists. ESGE today is an environment where new doctors in the field of endoscopy can go to learn from more experienced doctors and jump start their endoscopy careers and at the same time it is a place where experienced doctors can learn about the latest technologies, methods and advance techniques for complicated procedures.
To complete the experience at ESGE doctors need to have the tools to make use of the methods and techniques they learn. For this aspect of ESGE SonoScape proudly attended ESGE with our HD-500 endoscopy system. Becoming a recognized name in the industry for our high quality endoscopy systems with our easy to use, high definition systems, we were happy to demonstrate the strengths of the HD-500 for visitors.

Strengths such as the HD-500s high definition imaging and SonoScape’s own image enhancement technology, VIST. Paired with the light weight and easy to use scopes for the HD-500, the high definition imagery allows for a quicker and more confident examination while using the imaging enhancement technology allows doctors to more easily see blood vessels and mucosa through the use of color contrast. Thus increasing the likelihood of early detection of cancers and improving the well being and state of mind of patients with a confident diagnosis.

As attendees at ESGE finished their desired courses SonoScape was in a prime location to show them the latest endoscopy solutions from SonoScape to match the methods and techniques they had just learned. Participating in this fashion, we are happy to complement and help give a complete experience for those that attended ESGE.

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SonoScape ESGE 2018

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