Enhance Capability for Optimized Care

Enhance Capability for Optimized Care

SonoScape now brings you a brand new P12 Elite series to level up clinical excellence. With high-definition imaging solutions, steady performance and comprehensive clinical tools for entry-level and advanced ultrasound practitioners, the P12 Elite supports your daily examination and boosts diagnostic confidence.
Intelligent Platform Unlocks More Possibility
The P12 Elite series is designed to make it easy for sonographers of all levels to learn and operate. Upgraded with new artificial intelligence algorithms and imaging processing capabilities, the built-in intelligent ultrasound platform is able to annotate data faster than ever with more accurate AI-powered data analysis. Receiving valuable information with reduced operation processes, the P12 Elite series will quickly guide clinical judgment and empower clinicians with better outcomes.

Exceptional level of Image Clarity
With SonoScape’s advanced imaging technology and optimized transducers for exceptional clarity, the P12 Elite Series enable you to make clinical decisions with greater confidence.
Extraordinary Image Technologies
• μ-Scan+ New generation imaging technology greatly improves the visibility of organs and lesions. The high-definition contrast resolution will suppress speckle artifacts while maintaing real tissue architecture.
• SR Flow improves the capability of detecting low velocity flow signals. Provide a high-spatial resolution and real hemodynamic information.
• WideScan performing a real time enlarged scan by using linear, convex and phase array probes, for a more complete view of large lesions or anatomic structures.
• Real-time Color Panoramic with the combination of color flow and real-time panoramic, visualizing the blood flow of an entire vein or artery
Design with Clinical Application in Mind
• C-xlasto Imaging enables comprehensive quantitative elastic analysis. Meanwhile, it is supported by multiple probes to ensure good reproducibility and highly consistent quantitative elastic results.
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
• The unique Dynamic Acoustic Control technology effectively controls the acoustic pressure of the contrast agent, guaranteeing longer contrast agent duration and better lesion perfusion of delayed phase observation.
• Vis-Needle is realized by ultrasound beam steering and deflection. It improves visualization of the needle location in the tissue to minimize harm to the surrounding tissue, increasing the initial success rate and lowering the risk for needle puncture.
• Tissue Doppler Imaging provides velocities and other clinical information on myocardial functions, facilitating clinical doctors with the ability to analyze and compare the motions of different parts of the patient’s heart.
Seamless Workflow for Productivity
The P12 Elite series is designed with efficiency in mind, transferring your hot mess to less stress. The P12 Elite Series comes with multiple automated tools to speed up the whole examination with less keystrokes and markups.
• S-Fetus based on a big data dependable deep learning algorithm, a brilliant one-stop solution for automatic standard plane acquisition and measurement. with just one click, common fetal biometry results are obtained with high intelligence, accuracy and efficiency, aiming for an unprecedented ease during operation.
• Auto OB
Less keystroke required while achieving more sensitive and advanced automated common fetal biometry.
• Auto NT quickly calculates nuchal translucency thickness and maximizes accuracy compared to manual measurements.
• Auto Bladder
One key bladder wall tracing and volume measurement from Auto Bladder can efficiently provide more accurate contour and results, which is not subject to the bladder shape and size.
• Auto EF recognizes myocardial intima during diastolic and systolic period and calculates the ejection fraction automatically.

Supporting clinical decision-making and actions is what defines us and drives us forward. With the dedication of innovation, we continue to provide more comprehensive ultrasound solutions that assist medical practitioners at all-levels to better manage daily practices and establish trust with patients.

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Enhance Capability for Optimized Care

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